Meal Plan Monday – The Tricky 4th week

Ah the first week of a diet, so much hope, so much enthusiasm. I can totally do this, think how slim I’ll be by summer! The food is different and interesting and the first weigh in is like an enormous pat on the back.

And then there is week 4.

The night before this week’s weigh-in I had a cross baby and two irritable, squabbling, yelling kids. By the time they were all in bed I had 13 daily points left so I used them all on cheese and gin. I’m not proud of that but sometimes it’s worth it. My husband finally got home from work long after I’d given up and gone to bed and brought with him a hideous sounding virus. So I spent most of the rest of the night lying awake listening to his pitiful groans and worrying how the heck we’d cope If we both came down with flu, what about the baby? She’s too young to have been vaccinated? I can’t down a lemsip and call in sick.

Weigh In

The result of that morning’s weigh in? -0.4 lbs. I guess it was still a loss, all be it a tiny one but I’ll be honest, I was disappointed. I was also quietly hoping that there was an extra pound on each boob as I had had to weigh myself before giving the baby her morning feed (no measurement this week – I didn’t have time with no husband help in the morning).

weight in week 4

But kids and bugs and boobs aside, the waning enthusiasm and weight loss isn’t really a surprise. The first few weeks are always the easiest to stick to and the most rewarding on the scales.  I have to keep reminding myself that I was always intending to be in this for the long hall. So it’s perhaps time to have a think about what I’ve been eating and how sustainable it is.

I’ve been enjoying my 0 points egg and spinach based breakfast and chicken and salad based lunches, but some days I’m knackered and the baby is screaming and I’d really just like a quick bowel of the chocolate granola everyone else is having. Or a big fat cheese sandwich for lunch. I’m also finding that using the 0 points foods so much means I often have quite a lot of points left at the end of the day, just when I am most likely to say F*ck It! and get out the cheese and gin.

I guess it’s all a learning curve. I don’t think forbidding certain foods is a great idea I just need to find a balance between never and all the time that doesn’t scupper the weight loss or leave me pining wistfully for an Eccles cake. It’s a work in progress, and if anyone has any tips they will be gratefully received!

Meal Plan


PS there might have been something in the boobs thing, I cheated and weighed myself again the next day and was down another 1.6 lbs

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