The First Stone

A quick post this week. I usually try to get my blog posts written well in advance, snatching the odd hour here and there when the baby is napping. But last week was half term so I had the other two around as well and MissM managed to be off sick on the last day before the holiday while MissE has picked the first day back to get a gungy virus!

But, diet wise the big news is that I have now lost my first stone!

I actually weigh myself on a Wednesday so this week it was halfway through the holiday. Having the kids here and needing to entertain them makes it trickier to plan all my meals and we’ve had a few days out with cafe lunches so I’ve had to guess at the points for some things. But I still managed to lose 1.4 lbs bringing my total to 15.2 lbs lost.

It’s encouraging to get to a milestone. But I still have another stone, ideally two, to go, and I know it’s going to get tougher. It’s about this point where my weight loss has stalled after my other two babies. It seems like my body really likes to hang on to some fat while I’m still breastfeeding so I’m going to have to be careful with my points now the holidays are over and it’s time to start upping my exercise too. More on that next week…

But for now, it’s back to the poorly 8 year old and trying to keep her away from the increasingly mobile baby.

Send help, send tea – but please don’t send cake!

Having Pancake day in the middle of half term didn’t help me much but MissA certainly enjoyed it



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