The Covid Diaries – Hello


tap tap….

Is there anyone still there?…

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog. I had high hopes when MissA was born (and I stopped working) that I would do more with it. But circumstances, by which I mean three small children, got in the way.

Now though? Well, now is an unknown.

With perhaps months of three kids at home and all the rest of it, I think that perhaps I need this little space again.

So, for anyone new finding this, here is a quick intro – I’m Kirsty, a mum of three girls; MissE aged 10, MissM aged 7 and MissA who’s 2. I live in Southwark, South London, apparently the most corona ridden borough in the most corona ridden city in the UK ( this may be true of both the beer and the virus). My husband works for a group of schools and is now mostly working from home.  He’s swamped. We’re in the same house and I’ve barely spoken to him in days.  I’ve been a stay at home Mum since our youngest arrived, but prior to that, I worked in a large medical research institute. I usually call myself a “sort of a scientist”.  The proper scientists would probably call me a techie or “the really tall woman in the dark room who keeps going on about controls” (or perhaps something ruder).

I’m not sure yet where this blog is going to go. I can act on the now, and dream of the distant future, but everything in between is a misty and scary place. I expect I will need to just vent out some feelings at times. I may tackle some of the misleading news floating around everywhere but to be clear I AM NOT AN EXPERT (I’ll say that in every post!) I have a background in immunology and some experience with handling statistics on lab experiments and human populations but covid-19 is not my circus. I know people who are way more reliable at all that and I have some ideas about navigating scientific and media publications so maybe I’ll chip in. I’ll do my best not just add to all the bullshit.

Oh yeah there will probably be swearing. It’s my blog, no one is making you read it.

Also, this isn’t going to be pretty. I know you’re supposed to have nice pictures and everything looking professional. But I already know I will not have time for that and now my older kids are, well, older, I’m not going to start raising privacy issues by using their images here.

Finally – I bet there are loads of other people turning to a bit of writing self therapy. I’d love to connect. Just please, don’t suggest another fucking whatsapp group.


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