SB: What does Mummy do at work?
MissE: Mummy does science

Hi, I’m Kirsty, aka SouthwarkBelle.

Since becoming a Mummy I’ve discovered just how much contradictory information, dubious science, and outright nonsense is thrown at parents. This blog is my response.

Here I dig into misleading news stories, dubious parenting advice, and dodgy products. I do my best to hunt out the useful information from the ever-growing pile of bull sh** and to make the complicated sciencey stuff a bit easier to understand.

I also share my biggest experiment ever – being a Mum. I’m even running the test in triplicate to make sure I get reliable results. My three daughters are MissE born in 2009, MissM born in 2012 and MissA born in 2017.


There is no such thing as a maternity labcoat


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