In the UK media, pregnant women are a risk to their babies.

Fertility and pregnancy get a lot of media attention. Often suggesting that a mother’s health and lifestyle are risk factors for her baby. Does the science justify the stories? Not entirely, and the problem might come from an unexpected source. The progress of pregnancy research is dizzying. The latest advice when I was expecting my… Continue reading In the UK media, pregnant women are a risk to their babies.

Covid Diaries, March 22nd, Mother

MissM found a four leaf clover today. Hidden away under the leaves of the fading daffodils in the pot by our back door. She was delighted, convinced that luck was now bestowed upon her.  Let’s hope so, she’s got me teaching her from tomorrow so she might need it! It’s Mother’s day here in the… Continue reading Covid Diaries, March 22nd, Mother

Covid Diaries. March 20th. Normal

Where do any of us begin with all of this?  Changes. MissE and MissM have finished school, we’ve rearranged our bedroom and our sitting room so that MrSB can work from home and the children can’t (hopefully) destroy the electronics left in the alcove where his desk has stood for ten years. I’ve drafted and… Continue reading Covid Diaries. March 20th. Normal

What Happened To Continuity Of Care?

A small pilot scheme aiming to improve maternity care has been axed. It’s left some pregnant women suddenly without the care they were expecting and wondering where to turn now. It also raises questions for maternity services nationwide. It was announced this week that Neighbourhood Midwives is to close. The group operated an NHS continuity-of-care pilot… Continue reading What Happened To Continuity Of Care?