Welcome To The New Southwarkbelle

Notice anything different? Well if I’ve managed to do this properly then southwarkbelle.com will now bring you here, my new WordPress blog. I decided it was time to try swapping over as WordPress is easily the main platform for blogs now and I need to use it for my reviews over on Festivalkidz.com. So it’s… Continue reading Welcome To The New Southwarkbelle

Michael Odent Wants Me Dead

I’ve written about Michael Odent before here and here. For those not familiar with him, he is a retired French obstetrician, credited with, among other things, introducing water births. This weekend he got himself a piece in the Guardian to promote his new book: The Birth Of Homo, The Marine Chimpanzee. I’ll be honest, I’ve not… Continue reading Michael Odent Wants Me Dead

Thinking About Birth, Third Time Around

I’ve been awaiting the invention of fetal teleportation for more than seven years now. I mean seriously world, I can instantly access all of human knowledge, every pop song ever recorded and eleventy zillion cat videos all from this slab of metal on my lap. But when it comes to the seemingly minor task of… Continue reading Thinking About Birth, Third Time Around

The Real Magic Of Pregnancy

I heard something wonderful last week. It came from a pregnancy* exercise teacher at a class I had just joined: “This exercise might be good for the birth, I mean *knowing laugh* it won’t stop it hurting of course, but it might be useful” Embed from Getty Images //embed.gettyimages.com/embed/462946585?et=oGUQF9ltTMtO0rYnENBe5A&viewMoreLink=off&sig=rpTV9ysvT9lS_iMEY6HYnQCCYGXJY4XczEq4tQVJTZc=&caption=true It seems like a pretty minor… Continue reading The Real Magic Of Pregnancy

Caesareans May Be Altering Human Evolution. But Not Much, And I Don’t Care.

According to reports on the BBC (and elsewhere) today, the number of women having C sections is causing our species to evolve bigger heads and / or smaller pelvises and so we are becoming less able to give birth without surgical help.  The Miami Herald got particularly upset declaring:  “C-Sections Are Increasing Because We’re Messing… Continue reading Caesareans May Be Altering Human Evolution. But Not Much, And I Don’t Care.

Silencing Negative Birth Stories

Silencing negative birth stories only helps to create more, robs women of their voice and treats us like delicate snowflakes who can’t be trusted with the truth. Remind me again what century this is? Keep Quiet and Carry On That seemed to be the message on twitter recently, from a senior midwife to women who’ve… Continue reading Silencing Negative Birth Stories