Comments On Maternal Request Cesareans

A couple of days ago, the charity Birthrights published a report into maternal request cesareans. It found that 75% of UK maternity units were going against NICE guidelines and refusing women this option for giving birth to their babies. The story was covered by TV and online news, including this piece by Rebecca Schiller from… Continue reading Comments On Maternal Request Cesareans

Getting Involved Offline – The National Maternity and Perinatal Audit

I’ve set myself a few challenges for this, my third (and final) round of maternity leave. With my older two children at school and a severely diminished interest in group singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I’m doing things a bit differently. I’ve ditched (most of) the baby groups. Instead, I’ve been looking for opportunities to get… Continue reading Getting Involved Offline – The National Maternity and Perinatal Audit

The Slightly Sweary Caesarean Recovery Plan

I’ve had three caesarean births. I still wish I had a detailed plan about how to recover from one.  If you look for the pros and cons of  C-section V vaginal birth, the recovery is always a big deal. Caesarean recoveries are much harder we’re told. But that’s about all we’re told. When I first… Continue reading The Slightly Sweary Caesarean Recovery Plan

Caesareans May Be Altering Human Evolution. But Not Much, And I Don’t Care.

According to reports on the BBC (and elsewhere) today, the number of women having C sections is causing our species to evolve bigger heads and / or smaller pelvises and so we are becoming less able to give birth without surgical help.  The Miami Herald got particularly upset declaring:  “C-Sections Are Increasing Because We’re Messing… Continue reading Caesareans May Be Altering Human Evolution. But Not Much, And I Don’t Care.

Silencing Negative Birth Stories

Silencing negative birth stories only helps to create more, robs women of their voice and treats us like delicate snowflakes who can’t be trusted with the truth. Remind me again what century this is? Keep Quiet and Carry On That seemed to be the message on twitter recently, from a senior midwife to women who’ve… Continue reading Silencing Negative Birth Stories

The Microbiome: Seeding Some Questions

The current next big thing in health news seems to be the Microbiome. According to a growing number of reports it could be involved in everything from Schizophrenia to Obesity. So there has been speculation about where it comes from and if how a baby is born, either vaginally or by C section, could determine… Continue reading The Microbiome: Seeding Some Questions