Famous People Hate Dodgy Data Too…

Well at least some of them…

I had a little flurry of excitement on the blog last week. My last post was written after seeing a tweet from Kirstie Allsopp about the Telegraph piece, so when I sent out a tweet about my post I thanked her for making me aware of it. I really really didn’t expected she would do this:



Gosh *blushes*

But what was really nice was the number of comments and tweets that I got from Kirstie’s followers who shared my annoyance with this kind of lazy and insulting journalism. I won’t repost any of them here as many people shared their own experiences and may not have intended them to be public, but thank you so much, let’s hope eventually we can ditch the ridiculous too posh to push stereotype. In the mean time, at least we know we’re in good company!

This does leave me with an issue though, thanks to her tweet, that post has had far more readers than anything I’ve ever written previously (and I suspect far far more than any scientific papers I’ve published!). So now I need to come up with a really good follow up post. I have a touch of difficult second album syndrome here and also a chronic lack of time to research anything properly (not that that seems to worry some professional journalists).

So, rather than leave the blog bare for ages I’ve decided to cheat and offer you this piece from the (currently very pregnant) anatomist and TV presenter Professor Alice Roberts who deals with yet more dodgy uses of data: How can the findings of one study be used to both to warn against the risks of home births and to promote home births? Well quite easily, if you have an agenda to push. I also really wish her husband had been in my NCT class – you’ll have to read it to find out why.

And finally, since she talks a lot of sense, and it would frankly be rude not to now, here is more from Kirstie Allsopp in The Times a couple of days ago* and in the Daily Mail. You can also read her own blog post on the related subject of how NCT antenatal classes deal with c sections. Now perhaps there’s an idea for that difficult second album next blog post…



PS. Ok one more thing – for those who only come here for cute pictures of the kids…




* The Times piece is annoyingly behind a pay wall, but you can get a 30 day free trial if you download their iPad app.


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