For the Love of Grannies

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 6: Say Something Nice

Sorry for being a day late on this one, M has had a stinking cold and she’s teething so we’ve reverted to positively newborn levels of sleep (or lack of) my attempts to string this together last night were therefore utterly incomprehensible and although I don’t have much time, and will have to make it short,  I didn’t want to skip this one.

Thank heavens for Grannies

I’m lucky enough to have both a lovely Mum and Dad and Mother-in-law (no really, I like my mother-in-law!). Before E was born I had no idea how much I would need their help. I’m rather independent and assumed we’d get on fine with a new baby – how hard can it be? Idiot.

Thankfully the Grannies were there

When the hospital food lived up to it’s reputation the Grannies brought in stinky cheese, sandwiches, pate and about half a ton of homemade fudge.

When I was beyond exhausted with a newborn they rocked her and bounced her and pushed her in the pram so I could get even a tiny bit of sleep.

When we were existing on takeaway noodles they braved Tesco Ghetto to shop and cook for us.

As E got older they were the chief babysitters, making it possible for us to attend those no kids invited weddings or even have a weekend away as a couple.

When baby M joined us they made sure E was looked after while I was in hospital so that F could stay with me and once F went back to work the Grannies virtually did shifts so that I always had help and could recover from surgery as quickly as possible.

They did all this despite the fact that neither of them lives nearby. Granny Wafer (named after her cat) is about an hour away (on a good day) Granny Seaside is at least four hours drive (she lives by the seaside). They also both had plenty of other things to do and other people to help out.

The other area in which the Grannies have really come up trumps is advice: They only give it if we ask for it! Speaking to my mummy friends this seems to be a rare thing indeed. Others are driven mad by insistent, outdated or just plain bizarre commands, we get a pool of experience that we can drawer on if and when we want it.

But of course I’ve missed out the most important thing: The Girls absolutely ADORE their Grannies and of course Grandad too (sorry for not putting more about you Dad – brain fuzz!). Even baby M is now starting to recognise them and on Granny Seaside’s most recent visit that little chubby face broke into a massive grin upon seeing her again.

So, just in case I’ve not said it enough, actually I’m not sure it could be said enough, Thank you Grannies, you’re brilliant. xxx


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