The Inevitable Snow Pictures Post

Had anyone in the UK spotted that it snowed at the weekend? Obviously no one has really mentioned it, what with us Brits being so famously disinterested in our weather and all, so for the benefit of those overseas or with their head in a thermal bin bag, here are is a blog post and a few pics from the great (est so far) freeze of 2012.

Snow does feel like a bit of an event in London, our cosy blanket of smog keeps us slightly warmer than we should be – and yeah we are soft southerners, but it is even more exciting when you get to play in it with a two year old. I made no effort to conceal this excitement when the snow started just after E’s bedtime and by the time she was sound asleep and we had a good few centimetres outside, I was being kept awake hoping that it would all still be there and in good condition by morning.

It was!

Me: hey E – do you want to look out the window? There’s a surprise out there.
E: (wanders to window, pulls back curtain) SNOW! It’s SNOWING! we can go outside and we can build a snow man and a snow balls and a carrot nose and a sledge and it’s SNOWING!!! *breath*

So my hopes of an excited toddler were very quickly realised and I was surprised at how much she knew about it all, given that it’s highly unlikely she could remember the last snow more than a year ago.

Breakfast was consumed at speed then we headed over the road to “The Rye” (Peckham Rye Common) which was still pretty quiet and covered in an irresistible, barely touched, layer of crunchy stuff. We made “print foots” snow balls, two snow men with carrot noses and then just rolled in the stuff (well just E for the last bit). Gloves and hats were discarded for daring to hinder her and the poor cold crows were sent reeling into the sky as she ran over to say hello to them, there was even one of the local green parakeets flying over head, letting his opinion of the whole thing be heard.

Eventually, when it was clear that, whatever she said,  her hands were pretty much frozen solid, Fred hoisted her up and carried her home for hot chocolate all round.

Not so much warming up in Daddy’s jumper, as setting up camp

E: I love snow

PS. These pictures are just snaps from my phone, I will try to update this post with better ones once I get them off Fred’s camera.

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