2013 A Year In Pictures

I did this for 2012 and it turned out to be a post that I came back to many times to remember what was, for us, a very special year. 2013 had a LOT to live up to after the birth of baby M and of course the Olympics in our very own home city. But while there may not have been so many big stand out moments in 2013 it was on the whole a pretty good year.

In January, with baby M out of those first few chaotic weeks, we set off to enjoy living in London:

Exploring the South Bank
The stunningly restored Cutty Sark
Not that M was all that impressed

February – we celebrated Valentines day as only the parents of small children can; wine, roses, chocolates, candlelight and two baby monitors

In March we were back out exploring,

Maritime museum, Greenwich

And E found the note from the painter, just a bit too late (picture taken after emergency bath)

In April we headed off for what is now becoming an annual trip to the wonderful Coombe Mill

Bunnies – always a winner
Our attempts at going for a nice walk were too much for E, who proved that it is actually possible to fall asleep while standing on a moving buggy board
Not to be left out – M slept right through her first trip to the beach

May – and lots of new treats for M

Solid Food!
Surprisingly good with a beaker
First go on a swing
and E proves she can beat daddy at bowling on her first attempt!

June. Summer at last and thanks to a last minute cancellation Carter’s Steam Fair came to our local park

In July we had a rare opportunity, F had a long summer holiday off work and I was still on maternity leave. So we started six whole weeks of family time (minus the daily phone calls from F’s IT manager) revisiting one of our favourite places from before we had kids – Andalucia.

Introducing E to hiking

Sharing a previously romantic spot with come unimpressed kids

E’s diet in Spain was mostly cherries (picked from the tree) and Gazpacho

In August we carried on our adventures with our first ever family festival – Beautiful Days in Devon and E’s 4th birthday.

Ready to rock!

Trying out my cake decorating skills again (I know there are no Orca’s in the Owl and the Pussy Cat but we’d seen some in Spain)

September, and having turned four in August it was time for E to start school:

The obligatory starting school front door picture
Our pear tree produced record amounts of fruit this year – E helped Granny collect some of it

October, Time to get out the wellies and woolies once again

M’s first Halloween

November, amazingly a whole year has gone by and our little baby M is one

This would be a lovely picture if it weren’t for what E is doing in the background

Which just leaves December, and the Christmas preparations

Happy new year everyone. Thank you for reading and I hope 2014 will be kind to you


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