Have Your Say In The NHS Maternity Review

A big review of NHS maternity services is currently underway and those involved are actively seeking out the opinions and experiences of Mums and Dads. This week they launched an online consultation which you can access here:


If you or your partner/friend/family member has had a baby with the NHS please please take a few minutes to fill this in.

I am eternally grateful to the NHS, in another time or place MissE and I wouldn’t have made it or if we did, the cost would have been crippling. But my first experience of bringing a child into the world was, to be honest, pretty hellish. I hope one day my little girls will become mothers and that when they do the NHS will be there to help them, but services need to improve, as a minimum women must feel safe and respected, currently that isn’t always the case. Money is tight but improvements can be made, I had a pretty positive experience with my second pregnancy and much of that was thanks to actions and attitudes that cost nothing.

But you don’t need to be passionately interested, or actively involved in maternity services to take part in this review. It doesn’t matter if your own experience was great or terrible or just a bit meh. If this review is to do anything then it needs to understand the full spectrum of NHS maternity experiences and actually I suspect it’s those who fall somewhere in the middle, who’s care was ok or quite good but not amazing or terrible, who are least likely to speak out. Yet those experiences are valuable and important too.

 It’s vital that the review hears as many different voices as possible. They are of course talking to doctors, midwives, charities and campaign groups as well, so there are a lot of strong voices joining this discussion. But as I wrote at the start of the review, it needs to hear the quiet voices too because the loud ones may not speak for everyone.

PS. I’ll be filling it in twice as my two experiences were so different!

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