Adding Exercise To The Diet

I seem to have got rather behind on these posts. I’ve actually had two weigh ins since I last updated my progress. The first was a loss of 1.8lbs but the second was a rather measly 0.4 lbs.

This is kind of what I was expecting at this point. BMI wise I am no longer overweight, so it’s getting harder to lose more and my body likes to hang on to some fat while I’m breastfeeding. But I’m not giving up because The bulk (and I do mean bulk) of the remaining fat is sitting in a dollop on my belly.

As I write this, the snow is blowing horizontally past my window and I am wearing two jumpers. I look like a nice plump sheep. so I’m not much bothered about the cosmetics of that belly right now, but I am bothered about what it could mean. Having a lot of fat around the waist is associated with an increased risk of Cancer, Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Obviously, I don’t want those things.

My Dad developed diabetes a few years ago, he’s since lost weight and is managing it pretty well, but even so it means a lifetime of restraint. When the rest of us are enjoying a treat for dessert, he has an apple. We joke with the kids that Grandad had all his cakes already and now he’s not allowed any more, but it must be hard. I need to spread my cakes out, I plan to still be eating occasional brownies when I’m 100.

So the diet must continue and I’m trying to boost it with some exercise.

ada running buggy snow 18
The running buggy isn’t going to be doing much running this week but it’s good for a snowy school run

I had to wait three months post C section to be able to do anything but since then I’ve been doing weekly pilates. This has been really helping, especially with my sliced and diced core, but a string of annoying injuries stemming from the surgery has stopped me doing much else until now.

Now I have a personal trainer! Get me!

Mr SB booked me a block of PT sessions with my pilates teacher as a belated birthday present. We started last week.

It’s been interesting so far, turns out my cardio fitness is a whole lot better than I expected and kettlebells are wicked fun (though I was terrified I’d accidentally fling one through the window) so I’m feeling pretty positive that I have a reasonable base to build from. But to use a local phrase: OH MY DAYS I was sore the day after. The day after that was even worse. That’s pretty normal for me when I start something new so hopefully the aftermath of the next session won’t be quite as bad.

I also went to Fight Klub this week (and yes, I can talk about Fight Klub). This is basically a cardio class with a punch bag and a very loud Drum n Bass soundtrack. I’ll be honest, I’m not generally a Drum n Bass kinda gal, but bouncing kicking and punching to that really feels good when you’ve spent days trying very very hard not to YELL AT THE KIDS!!!!.

All this exercise will, I hope, help with the fat loss. But my main aim for it is to just be fitter and stronger.

Being a Mum is a very physical activity for the first few years. I want to be able to cope with that without constantly straining my back or legs. Then, as MissA gets older, I can start to take possession of my body again, finally, after so many years of pregnancies, babies, and toddlers.

But I don’t want that body to be something bodged together with tape and painkillers. Perhaps it will need more maintenance than it did pre-kids and it will certainly never look quite the same, but I hope it will become a useful tool once again, a vehicle for new adventures.

And able to cope with many more years of (less frequent) cake.


puffin running cake meme



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